Dwarka, located on the western tip of Gujarat’s Saurashtra peninsula, is a city steeped in religious history. As the legendary capital of Lord Krishna’s kingdom and part of both Char Dham (four principal holy places) and Sapta Puris (seven sacred cities), Dwarka has long been revered by Hindus worldwide. Its stunning beaches add to its charm; visitors can also explore Nageshwar Jyotirlinga Temple – one of 12 ancient sites considered essential pilgrimage spots for devotees. Whether seeking spiritual renewal or simply breathtaking scenery, Devbhoomi Dwarka will not disappoint!

Dwarka is a holy destination in India renowned for its historical temples and gorgeous beaches. Positioned on the coast of the Gomti River in Gujarat, this sacred city holds immense importance to Indian culture. As part of the Bada Char Dham Circuit, Dwarka exudes spirituality from every corner – especially attracting devotees seeking spiritual enlightenment and peace amidst stunning natural beauty.The spiritual mystique of Dwarka enthralls devotees from all across the world, offering a chance to immerse themselves in divine worship. With its enigmatic blend of reality and mythos, the city’s mythical and historical past envelops visitors in an extraordinary aura – captivating them with compelling tales and attractions that are sure to leave one on a blissful high.

As the legend goes, Dwarka was once submerged underwater. Recent findings have unveiled that a metropolis did indeed exist in this area – an apt name for it being ‘Dwarka’, denoting ‘door’ and ‘moksha’ or salvation respectively.

Dwarka has a long and illustrious place in Indian history. Originally known as Swaravati or Kushasthali, Dwarka was once an impressive city situated on the Saurashtra coast. It is believed that Lord Krishna founded the golden city of Dwarka around 1500 BC after his successful victory over Kansa in Mathura; it was built along the banks of River Gomati.After the death of Lord Krishna, it is said that a great flood swept over Dwarka and submerged the city in its depths. Scholars believe this was not an isolated incident; they posit that Dwarka has been engulfed by water six times before and we now live in what would be classified as the seventh iteration of the city.

According to historical records, the holy city of Dwarka has been inhabited since 200 AD. Not only is it mentioned in the Hindu epic Mahabharat, but there are also speculations that this port-city was once Gujarat’s first capital.

Not only do Hindu mythical transcripts narrate Dwarka as the abode of Lord Krishna, but archaelogical evidence from the 1400s confirms its rich history. According to records, construction on the present-day Dwarkadhish temple began in 1500s and stands today as a testament to this ancient city’s past glories.

By flight
Jamnagar airport, situated just 127 km away from Dwarka, is the closest airport to your destination. From Jamnagar you can effortlessly find public buses and taxis at your service!

By road
Dwarka is perfectly situated with access to the main cities of Gujarat and other parts of India.

By train
Dwarka boasts a railway station which provides direct access to and from major cities, like Jamnagar, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Mumbai and Goa. Exploring India is easier than ever with the convenient transportation options Dwarka has to offer.

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