ISKCON Temple is a renowned Vaishnavaite temple located in Dwarka, Gujarat and just 1 km from the famous Dwarkadhish Temple and 2km from the Railway Station. It was constructed by ISKCON society to honor Sri Rukminidevi Dwarkadhish Dham. As one of the most visited pilgrimage sites in all of Dwarka, it’s not surprising that this breathtaking temple has become a popular tourist destination as well!

ISKCON’s Dwarka Temple was devoted to Lord Krishna and his beloved companion, Rukmini Devi. In 1996, Sri Sri Rukminidevi Dwarkadhish Dham was established by HH Mahavishnu Goswami Maharaj who had come to the city of Dwarka in order to study Srila Prabhupada’s Bhagavatam. Despite being unable to secure adequate funding for a temple construction project, he maintained faith that if it were meant to be — Krishna would provide what they needed with no need for begging or pleading on their part. Sure enough, a kindhearted person from Bharatiya Bhuvan soon came forward offering up their own dharamsala as a donation towards the cause. Thus this beautiful stone temple came into existence by the devotional service of Maharaj.

The ISKCON Dwarka Temple is a unique landmark, as it was built with sand and limestone based on traditional architecture. It’s the only temple in the entire history of ISKCON made entirely out of stone. As you enter its walls, be prepared to be mesmerized by its beauty – from stunning statues of Lord Krishna and Radha adorned with vibrant clothing, to breathtaking glimpses of the Arabian Sea outside! All this sets an atmosphere perfect for not just spiritual meditation but also sightseeing – making it one must-visit destination for any traveler to India.

Situated a mere three-minute stroll away from the awe-inspiring Dwarkadhish Temple, this temple resides in an area bustling with markets. What’s more? You can admire stunning views of the Dwarkadhish Temple right from its roof! And that’s not all; it also consists of 20 exquisitely designed rooms for guests to stay in.

For the most spectacular experience, it is best to plan your visit to this temple during the months of November through February.

By Air
Jamnagar Airport is the nearest Airport which is 137 km away from the ISKCON Temple.

By Rail
Dwarka Railway Station is the Nearest railway station.

By Road
Dwarka is well connected with many major cities, also many direct buses, Cabs and many private vehicles ply directly to the temple.

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