Gita Temple

Gita Temple
Gita Temple

Gita Mandir stands gracefully in the vicinity of Dwarka’s Western Ghats, right by Bhadkeshwar Mahadev Mandir. Constructed with marble in 1970 by the Birlas industrialist family, this temple is a beautiful sight to behold. Here one will find solace while reliving and honoring Hindu scripture as laid out within ‘Bhagavad Gita’. The architectural wonder serves its purpose – it safeguards religious values and lessons so that they may be passed along for generations to come.

The temple walls are intricately decorated with quotations from the Bhagavad Gita. Moreover, its ceiling is specifically crafted in a manner that allows any sound spoken to reverberate throughout the entirety of the hall. Not only this, but accommodations are provided for visitors wishing to stay within or near the temple grounds.

The majestic temple houses the entire Gita, an esteemed book of Hinduism. Adorned with stunning carvings and paintings, Lord Krishna is represented in its sanctum alongside a striking Gandha Kutir – or “Gita Stambh”. During special occasions such as Janmasthami and Holi, both inside and outside of the temple are brightly decorated to honor these festivities.

All week long, Gita Mandir is open to visitors at no cost. Each morning hundreds of worshipers arrive with their offerings in hand and partake in the puja ceremony. For added convenience, there are also small shops situated outside of the temple that offer flowers, sweets, as well as other ritual items needed for offering services within its hallowed walls.

During the monsoon season, you can visit this place and enjoy its pleasant climate.

By Air
Jamnagar Airport is the nearest Airport which is 137 km away from the temple of Gita Mandir.

By Rail
Dwarka Railway Station is the Nearest railway station.

By Road
Dwarka is well connected with many major cities, also many direct buses, Cabs and many private vehicles ply directly to the temple.

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