Rukmini Temple

Rukmini Temple
Rukmini Temple

Rukmini temple is located 2 km away from Dwarka. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Rukmini chief Queen of Lord Shree Krishna. It is believed that the temple is very ancient. Experience the story of affection and separation at the most significant temple devoted to Lord Krishna’s companion Goddess Rukmini. It is famous temple in Dwarka for its great architectural exquisiteness and magnificence, chiefly the pictures of her life with the Lord dating back to 12th century.

As Lord Shree Krishna’s favorite and first wife among his 16,108 wives, Rukmini was the daughter of Bhismaka, king of Vidarbh. She believed she was an incarnation of Goddess Laxmi. After hearing tales about her beloved’s virtues and immense charm for a long time, Princess Rukmini fell deeply in love with Lord Shree Krishna and decided to marry him – yet this dream seemed impossible as her brother wanted her to wed Sishupal instead: a demon-king ally close to Jarasandh.

With Brahman Sunanda’s trust, Rukmini sent an intimate letter to Lord Shree Krishna–most likely the first love letter in Indian history. She asked for his help by requesting him to take her away from a battle she wanted to avoid. Therefore, this union of two souls brought about their marriage blissfully.

After they wed, Lord Shree Krishna and Rukmini graciously invited sage Durvasa to dinner at Dwarka. Sage Durvasa accepted the invitation on one condition – that Lord Shree Krishna and Rukmini would pull his chariot as part of their journey there. Without hesitation, they agreed to this arrangement; during their venture however, Durvasa went into a deep meditative state.

On her journey, Rukmini was overcome with thirst. To provide her with relief, Lord Shree Krishna pounded his toe against the ground and a spring of water emerged. When she stopped to quench her thirst, sage Durvasa was disturbed from meditation in response; filled with rage he cursed that she and Krishna would live apart. It is said that this curse compelled the building of both Rukmini Temple and Dwarkadhish Temple at separate locations today.

Comparable to the central Dwarka temple, the Rukmini Devi Temple was built in an urban style; a common type of North Indian architecture known as Nagara. This design includes a long, intricate dome that creates unique shadows and reflections within its walls.

The Rukmini Temple stands out in Dwarka as an architectural masterpiece, despite its small size compared to the Dwarkadheesh temple. It is a stunning example of artistry and craftsmanship.

Every aspect of the dome was exquisitely carved, and its inner sanctum lies beneath the primary ridge. It stands out from other holy places due to its unique layout; with a perimeter outside rather than inwards.

The Dwarka temple is exquisitely constructed from sea stone, a material that can withstand the area’s salty atmosphere. Although there has been some warping to the structure over time, its carved beauty remains largely intact.

Dwarka is best visited from September to February when it is not too hot. If you are interested in seeing the Krishna-Rukmini wedding, it had usually celebrated on Ekadashi. It takes place in March.

By Air
Jamnagar Airport is the nearest Airport which is 137 km away from the temple of goddess Rukmini.

By Rail
Dwarka Railway Station is the Nearest railway station.

By Road
Dwarka is well connected with many major cities, also many direct buses, Cabs and many private vehicles ply directly to the temple.

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