Rameshwaram, renowned as a sacred pilgrimage site for worshippers of Lord Shiva across India, is situated in the Ramanathapuram district. Located on an enchanting island off the Indian peninsula, Rameshwaram houses the majestic Ramanathaswamy Temple – crafted in grand Dravidian architecture. It is connected to mainland India by Pamban Bridge spanning over Pamban Channel amidst Gulf of Mannar; making it more accessible than ever!

Located on a stunning island in the southern region of India, Rameshwaram is nestled within Tamil Nadu. Divided by a slim Pamban channel from Sri Lanka, this area carries spiritual significance for Hindus as it’s believed that Lord Rama formed a bridge between these two countries to rescue his beloved Sita.

Spanning the ocean, Rameshwaram is home to India’s first sea bridge that connects Mandapam with both Pamban Island and Rameswaram. On this very same island lies Dhanushkodi, a once booming town which was tragically destroyed by a cyclone in 1964.

The Ramanathaswamy Temple is renowned for its grand prakaras, boasting massive sculpted pillars on each side and the longest corridor in the world. Agniteertham draws numerous pilgrims who conduct poojas to their ancestors at this holistically blessed seashore. Furthermore, you can find the five-faced Hanuman Temple that features a remarkable floating stone which was used to shape an incredible bridge between India and Sri Lanka.

Rameshwaram Temple stands as a beacon of spiritual significance for Hindus, those devoted to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu alike. According to legend, the temple serves as the starting point from where Rama embarked on his journey to Lanka in order rescue Sita who had been abducted by Ravana. He received assistance in this quest from an army of monkey-humans led by Hanumana; the founder’s most ardent servant.

It is believed that Rama and Sita, in order to repent for their sin of Brahmahatya (killing a Brahmana), installed the revered Shiva Lingam within the walls of the magnificent 12th century-built Rameshwaram temple. Interestingly enough, even Ravana was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva!

By flight
The closest airports to Rameshwaram are located in Madurai (149 km) and Tuticorin (142 km). Both of these locations welcome daily flights from major cities around the nation. After arriving, travelers can easily access a car or bus to transport them right into Rameswaram!

By road
Those wishing to visit Rameswaram can do so with ease, as the city is well-connected by routes in the southern part of India. With regular bus services regulated by state and local transport associations, reaching Rameswaram has never been easier!

By train
Rameswaram is conveniently linked to the other major cities of India through its railway station. With a plethora of express and superfast trains, getting to Rameswaram from any corner of the country can be done in no time!

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