Renuka Temple

Renuka Temple
Renuka Temple

The renowned Renuka Devi temple stands majestically in the town of Mahur or Mahurgad, found within Nanded district of Maharashtra. This sacred place is held highly amongst spiritual areas throughout the state and revered by many devotees.

Mahur, also known as Mahurgad, is a spiritual town located in the Nanded district of Maharashtra, India. It is famously recognized for being the birthplace of Hindu God Dattatreya whose parents were Atri Rishi and Sati Anasuya Mata who lived there. Legend has it that Brahmadev, Vishnudev and Lord Shiva came to test Anusaya Mata’s piety by disguising themselves as beggars asking Alm (bhiksha). Just outside Mahur lies Hiwara Sangam village where two rivers – Penganga and Pus- converge at one sacred point.Fed by the waters of Mahagaon in Vidarbha, the Penganga River serves as a natural boundary between Vidarbha and Marathwada. The banks of this river then shift its course slightly westward so that Mahur falls just 3 kilometers inside Marathwada.

Mahur, renowned for its three picturesque mountains, is known to host the Renuka Mata Temple – one of the Shakti Peethas and deemed sacred. The highest peak within this stunning landscape is Datta Shikhar. Every year a majestic fair celebrating Vijayadashami takes place here as crowds flock from far-and-wide in honor of this holy temple!

Sahasrarjun was desperate to acquire the holy Kamdhenu cow with its supernatural ability to grant any wish. Renuka Mahar Devi refused, explaining that it is inappropriate for a guest visitor to ask for such an esteemed item as a gift. In response, Sahasrarjun viciously assaulted her and she eventually succumbed from her injuries. When Lord Parshuram heard of this tragedy, he became overwhelmed with rage until the elderly people managed to calm him down and urge him on towards Mahur where Dattatreya would guide them in performing proper funeral rites.Mahar devi Renuka Mata commanded him to appear on the first mountain for her adoration. And thus, this became the celebrated Mahar Devi Renuka Mata temple. This particular mountain holds a special significance since it is also known as Matru Tirth or “the sacred place of worship for mothers” and contains an Antyeshti Sthan – where people perform their last rites.[citation needed]

Aside from the renowned temples in Mahur, such as Rishi Jamdagni Mahar Temple and Lord Parshuram Mahar Temple, there are also Kalika Mata Temple, Devdevshwar Temple, and Pandav Leni caves. The Gond kingdom of Chandrapur built an expansive fort in this area that few have ventured inside – however if you’re looking for a unique experience then it’s worth exploring!

By Air
Located 200 kilometers away is the nearest airport, Nagpur.

By Road
Take a 717-kilometer journey from Mumbai to Mahurgad, beginning in the bustling city of Ahmednagar and continuing on through Paithan, Jalan, Washim and Pusad before reaching your destination. From there you’ll only need to travel an additional 50 kilometers to reach Kinwat. Discover all that India has to offer during your road trip!

By Rail
If you’re looking for the closest railway station, Kinwat is only 50 kilometers away. However, if convenience is what you seek, Nanded located 126 kilometers from Mahur would be your best bet as it lies on South Central Railway’s route. Additionally, Vardha situated along Chennai – Delhi rail route can also be used to reach Mahur and the traveling distance amounts to around 140 km.

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