Mangla Gauri Temple

Mangla Gauri Temple
Mangla Gauri Temple

The Mangla Gauri Devi Temple is a renowned shrine located in the city of Gaya, Bihar. It stands on the bank of the river Falgu and is one of eighteen shaktipeeths- places where Sati devi’s body parts are said to have fallen. Three puranas; Agni Purana, Padma Purana and Vayu Purana recount tales associated with this temple which was built centuries ago atop Mangla Hill; featuring magnificent relief sculptures as an ode to its ancient history. To immerse yourself in spiritual bliss at this mesmerizing site, take either steps or road that leads you there. There is a small mandap available in front of the temple. The city has old buildings, peaceful natural surroundings and rocky hills where the rivers flow on the west side of the city making it look stunning.

The ancient Mangla Gauri Temple, built in the 15th century and one of the renowned 52 Mahashaktipeeths dedicated to Goddess Sati, is revered as bestowing beneficence from its hill-top mother goddess. On every Tuesday throughout monsoon season, a special puja takes place where women offer 16 varieties of bangles and seven types of fruits with five sweets for prosperity for their families, success and fame for their husbands. This practice has been followed since antiquity at this venerated temple site.

The Mangala Gauri temple is renowned for its captivating view that features various forms of Lord Shiva, Durga, Goddess Dakshina-Kali, Mahishasura Mardini, and Sati. Lakhs of devotees come to this revered place during Navratri in order to take part in the darshan of Mata. Additionally, numerous other temples such as Maa Kali Ganapati and Hanuman are also located within the complex’s premises which have been documented by Padma Purana Vayu Purana Agni Purana Sri Devi Bhagavata Purana Markandeya puranas too!

Bihar, a highly esteemed Indian state in the east of India, has been well known for its educational legacy since ancient times. It also proudly holds one of Ashtadasa Maha Shakti-Peethas: The Mangla Gauri Temple or Sarvamangla Devi Peeth on the banks of Falgu River in Gaya. This temple is home to Mother Goddess Sati – bestowing benevolence upon all who enter this magical place.

Founded in the 15th century, the Mangla Gauri Temple honors Lord Shakti and is situated atop a small hillock. When you ascend to reach it, you find yourself winding your way through local homes until the first temple – Bheem Vedhi Gaya – appears on your route. This marks a special place of reverence as this was where one of The Five Pandavs performed his Shraddha karma ceremonies; its clear knee impression serves as testament to that today!

By Air
Located 8.7 km (5.44 miles) away, Gaya Airport is conveniently close to the temple. If you’re coming from further out, Patna Airport provides an accessible alternative at approximately 105 km (65.63 miles).

By Railway
Situated just 4.83kms (3.02 miles) from the temple, Gaya Junction is the closest railway station to reach your destination!

By Road
GT Road is the pathway that bridges Gaya to Northern India, and various local transport options – like buses and taxis – can bring you right up to the temple. If you’re traveling by bus, the closest stop would be Gaya Bus Stand located 4.7 km (2.94 miles) away from your destination!

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