Padmakshi Renuka jagdamba mandir

Padmakshi Renuka jagdamba mandir
Padmakshi Renuka jagdamba mandir

Padmakshi Renuka Devi- also known as Aai Mauli, Kali, Bhairavi, Amba and Ekvira – is a highly revered temple located in the village of Kavade in Alibag. She is said to be one of 108 Shakti Pithas and rides upon Vamshatki (an animal made up 20 Guna) as her mount or vahan. Her remarkable beauty and grace are mentioned throughout tales while her loving nature remains unparalleled. Additionally, she has an equally divine sister named Jogeshwari who adds further glory to this famous abode!

Despite Shiva’s warnings, Sati was determined to attend Daksha’s yajna out of a sense of obligation. Upon arriving at the ceremony, however, she found that her father had excluded her beloved from being invited and proceeded to insult him in front of the entire assembly. Overcome with anguish and rage, Sati laid an impassioned curse upon Daksha before choosing to take her own life via self-immolation as a form of protest against his cruel treatment towards Shiva.

Furious at Daksha’s insult and the death of his beloved Sati, Shiva took on his Virabhadra avatar and brought about havoc to Daksha’s yajna. Driven by grief, he then carried Sati’s remains as he performed the awe-inspiring Tandava – an ecstatic dance of destruction which consumed all creation in its wake. The Gods were overcome with dread and implored Vishnu to put a stop to this devastation. Responding swiftly, Vishnu unleashed his Sudarshana Chakra upon Sati’s corpse causing her dismembered pieces to come shower around Kawadepuri (Verumala), Shreebag or Kulaba.

Afterward, the demon Kumbhsur travelled to where both Goddess Sati and Renuka resided. He was captivated by their beauty and demanded that they marry him. Furious with his request, the two goddesses combined all of their energy together along with additional help from Saptamatrika, Mahavidya Tridevi Durga’s nine forms and a blessing from Parbrahma (om). This created an even more powerful avatar named Latiambika who later became known as Padmakshi Renuka or Padmakshi Bhairavi – an aggressive yet awe-inspiring presence and killed kumbhasur by her chintamani khadag ; kumbhasur ( it was different from other asuras it was nor asuras neither rakshas it was different akruti took birth from bramhadev’s fallen lotus in a pot(kumbh) ,so this akruti later named by mahadeva as kumbhasur because he was devoted to shankara)and today this goddess is known as padmakshi renuka devi goddess also known as kumbhasurbhsinkari.

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