The Trimbakeshwar Temple is an esteemed Hindu temple, one of the twelve Jyotirlingas in India. Situated at the foot of Brahmagiri Hills and 28 kilometres from Nashik city, this holy place was erected by Maratha leader Peshwa Nana Saheb centuries ago and features in Mrityunjaya Mantra – a powerful chant known to bring about immortality and longevity.

Created in classic architecture, the temple grounds also include Kusavarta or Kunda which is said to be the origin of river Godavari. The captivating element of this Jyotirlinga is its three faces that represent Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Rudra. Only male devotees are permitted access into the core area ‘garbhgriha’ of this temple; it is compulsory for them to wear a sovala or silk dhoti here. To take part in Abhishekam rituals, worshippers must reserve pandits beforehand.

Throughout the years, numerous tales have come to light that are associated with this beloved temple’s past.

Telling the Tale of Gautam Rishi and Lord Shiva, a Mythical Adventure from Ancient India
The town of Trimbak is considered the home of renowned mystics and rishis, one being Gautam Rishi and his wife Ahilya. Unfortunately, a severe drought struck their dwelling; however, they prayed to Lord Varuna – God of water – begging for mercy. Thankfully, their pleas were answered and Lord Varuna blessed Trimbak with enough resources to counter the aridness.

This incident caused many other mystics to envy Gautam Rishi, and thus the former prayed to Lord Ganesha to send a cow to destroy Gautam Rishi’s field which was rich with crops, which inexplicably died. Worrying the death of the innocent cow was on his hands, Gautam Rishi pleaded to Lord Shiva to forgive him.

After heeding Gautam Rishi’s prayers, Lord Shiva graciously permitted river Ganga to descend upon earth. This holy water flowed from the Brahmagiri Hill and was collected in a vessel known as Kushavarta Kund- a sacred bath that is so revered today. In appreciation of this divine favor, Rishi implored for Shiva to live with them; subsequently, Lord Shiva made himself visible through an ethereal form of Linga which remains there even now.

A Journey Towards the Culmination of an Endless Luminous Column
As the story goes, Lord Shiva put forth a difficult task for Lords Brahma and Vishnu – to find one end of an infinite pillar of light that he had created. When Lord Brahma falsely claimed to have found it, Shiva waited on the other side, and upon discovering his lie cursed him never to be worshipped again. Furious in return, Lord Brahma retaliated with another curse which prompted Shiva’s defense involving hiding beneath the ground where a lingam can still be seen at Trimbakeshwar today.

The quaint town of Trimbak lacks a railway station or airport, yet there are multiple ways to access the local temple. With some planning and determination, you can easily arrive utilizing various forms of transport!

Via Flights
Located only 30 km away from the famed Trimbakeshwar Temple is Nashik Airport, also referred to as Ozar Airport. You can easily reach your destination by either taking a bus or opting for a taxi service.

Via Trains
The Nashik Road Railway Station is, conveniently, the closest rail connection to the Temple – only 36 kilometers away! Folks from all over can board trains from cities such as Mumbai, Chennai and Pune that arrive there. Once you’re off at the station an auto or taxi will take you to your destination for approximately INR 700. With multiple train lines servicing this route daily, it’s never been easier access a spiritual experience of enlightenment in beautiful India!

Via Road
Traveling to Trimbak from Mumbai is a piece of cake! You can take the speedy 2.5-hour drive, catch a public bus from Nashik, or even book an affordable taxi service. If you prefer taking the bus instead, your journey will last 7 hours starting at Mahim Bus Station in Mumbai. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to explore and experience one of Maharashtra’s most sacred sites – Trimbakeshwar Temple!

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