Rameshwaram Temple, known as Ramanathaswamy of Tamil Nadu is a remarkable temple devoted to Lord Shiva and one of the 12 Jyotirlinga temples in India. Not only does it possess indisputable spiritual significance, but also features amazing architecture that will take your breath away with its longest corridor on the planet and exquisite carvings on pillars.

For centuries, several rulers have contributed to the construction of Rameshwaram Temple, which was initially installed by Lord Rama. Inside this temple lies two lingams – Ramalingam and Shivalingam. In keeping with Lord Rama’s wishes, the latter is still revered first today. From daily Abhishkams and poojas performed fervently to various exhilarating festivals throughout the year, a visit to this sacred site promises an unforgettable experience!

An intriguing story is associated with the Rameshwaram Temple. After Lord Rama vanquished Ravana, a Brahmin to save his wife Sita, he sought atonement for ‘dosha’ of killing a Brahmin. Subsequently, on the advice from sages, Lord Rama accompanied by his beloved spouse and brother Lakshmana set up and worshipped an iconic lingam in order to purge all stains of sin..

Desiring to pay homage to the biggest lingam, Rama asked Hanuman to bring it from the Himalayas. As this took some time, Sita created a small lingam known as Ramalinga out of sand which remains in its original place today. To appease Hanuman’s disappointment that his own efforts weren’t recognized by Rama, Lord Rama put his own version next to Ramalinga and called it Shivalingham.

When the Rameshwaram Temple was first built, it was merely a shed. But thanks to the dedication and commitment of rulers from Setupathi dynasty over centuries, this building has become what we recognize today. For example, in 17th century Dalavai Setupati added one part of eastern Gopuram while Muthuramalinga constructed Chokkatan Mandapam which is an iconic third corridor during late 18th century. The Sethupathy dynasty’s Jaffna kings have been greatly praised for their contributions to the Ramanathaswamy Temple. King Jeyaveera Cinkaiariyan was notably instrumental in transporting stone blocks from Koneswaram temple, which were used to renovate this revered place of worship. His successor Gunaveera Cinkaiariyan also provided considerable support towards its structural development.

Situated in the heart of Rameshwaram City, The Rameshwaram Temple is easily accessible and can be reached by any mode of transport. Autos are more preferred by locals and tourists alike as they provide a convenient way to reach this sacred site. Remember to verify if your auto driver calculates the fare based on the meter reading for an easy journey.

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