Attahas Temple

Attahas Temple
Attahas Temple

Attahas Shaktipeeth, a prominent Hindu pilgrimage site located in Labhpur of West Bengal, India is just 5 kilometers from Nirol bus stand. It is also situated near Ishani river (locally known as Kandor River). The name Atta and Hasa are derived from Sanskrit language which translates to ‘Extreme loud laughter’. Here devotees come to seek blessings through numerous religious rituals performed with utmost devotion.Attahas Shakti Peeth is also known as Phulara Devi Temple. This temple is a prominent place for the people of the Shaktism (Goddess is worshiped) of Hindu religion.

Attahas Shaktipeeth Nature Beauty is a destination like no other. If you are someone who loves to be surrounded by nature, this could very well be the perfect weekend getaway for you! Located on the banks of River Ishani and immersed in lush forests with diverse species of birds and foliage, it’s clear why Attahas Shaktipeeth has been so popular among tourists from all over !

It is rumored that the temple’s iconic statue was kept in its abode until 1915. It then made its home at the Bangiya Sahitya Parishad museum, crafted from metal. Following its reinstatement, however, it experienced a burglary and has since been missing.

This temple is part of the 51 Shaktipeeths of Mother. Here, people worship Shakti as ‘Fulala’ and Bhairav ??as ‘Vishwarwar’. As per Puranas, wherever pieces from Sati’s body fell like clothes or jewelry gave birth to these sacred shrines known as Shaktipeeths spread across India’s subcontinent.

As the story goes, Devi Sati sacrificed herself by jumping into King Daksheshwara’s sacrificial fire. When Lord Shiva ran throughout earth with her body in his arms, Lord Vishnu intervened and divided it into fifty-one pieces using his Sudharshan chakra – one of these being Sati’s lower lip which fell to this very place.

An ancient inscription, crafted from Terracotta (Shila Lippi), was also discovered in the area. Investigation into this monument’s script is ongoing and it is anticipated that if this engraving can be deciphered correctly, then invaluable information of the Attahas Temple will become accessible.

The Athasan Shaktipeeth is renowned for its festive celebrations, particularly the special puja of Shivratri, Durga Puja and Navaratri. During these times people often abstain from food as a sign of reverence to God’s worship. The temple is beautifully illuminated with flowers and lights in honor of each festival creating an atmosphere that brings tranquility to any devotee’s soul.

By Air
Located just 113 kilometers away, Kazi Nazrul Islam Airport is the closest international airport to Attahas Shaktipeeth.

By Rail
Attahas Shaktipeeth is located 29.7 kilometers away from the closest Railway station, making it more feasible to reach the temple via local transportation.

By Road
There are several buses which connect to Attahas. Local and private transport are also available in plenty.

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