Ruru Kshetra

Ruru Kshetra
Ruru Kshetra

Ruru Kshetra, otherwise known as Ridi in Nepali, is an iconic religious and cultural destination located at the convergence of both the Kaligandaki River and Ridi Khola. It is situated on a tri-junction between Gulmi District, Palpa District and Syangja District; furthermore it also forms part of Nepal’s Char Dhams.

Ruru Dham, more commonly referred to as the Rishikesh Theertha, is a hamlet situated in Palpa District of Nepal at the confluence of Kali Gandaki and Ridhi Kola rivers. Its most iconic temple is that consecrated by King Mukund sen from Palpa which acquired its name due to his discovery of an idol belonging to Lord Rishikesh while taking a dip in the same river. This sightseeing destination has much historic value besides being appreciated for its natural beauty!

Nestled in the sacred pathway to Muktinath and Damodhar Kunda, Ruru Khestra is one of a kind with its majestic temple complex showcasing spectacular architectural display from the 15th-18th century Sen era. Its traditions, festivals and fairs still remain alive today that makes it an ideal destination for all visitors seeking spiritual enlightenment. The existing heritage of Rishikesh here has been carefully preserved through centuries as part of this remarkable journey!

The Baraha Puran tells a touching tale of how the sacred place Rishikesh got its name. It all began with a young girl named Ruru, born to Pramlocha, and raised by a doe. Through her devoted penance she was able to catch Lord Vishnu’s attention, who then granted her wish for him to stay in that very spot forever. Touched by her devotion and faithfulness, Lord Vishnu accepted and stayed there as Rishikesh ever since.The Lord Vishnu and Ruru Kanya temples bask in a tranquil ambiance, located side by side. Inside the sanctum of the hindu temple rests a four-arm stone image. Devotees flock to pray for their beloved god as well as perform Shraddhas or rituals at where Sacred rivers Ridhi Khola and Kali Gandaki converge; an offering made with hopes that Mukti will be granted to those who have left us behind.

For those seeking a spiritual journey, exploring the four Holy Shrines of Chardham Yatra from Kathmandu city is an unforgettable experience. Whether visited individually or all at once, these sacred sites will provide you with moments of peace and tranquility like no other.

Since ancient times, the remarkable Ridi Mela has been held for three days during Maghe Sankranti — Jethi Sankranti being day one, Maili Sankranti on day two, and Kanchhi Sankranticlosing out the festival. Taking a holy dip in Kaligandaki river and offering prayers at Rishikesh Temple is believed to provide salvation. Additionally, this complex of Ruru Kshetra within UNESCO World Heritage’s tentative list stands as an undeniable testimony to its historic significance.

Thousands of years ago, King Mukund Sen of Palpa made a significant discovery while taking part in the traditional purification ritual at Kaligandaki river – he found Rishikesh, an important deity. As a result of his findings and to honor this divine spirit, the revered ruler constructed a temple devoted to him.

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