Bhairavparvat Shakti Peet

Bhairavparvat Shakti Peet
Bhairavparvat Shakti Peet

The Bhairav Parvat Shakti Peet Temple, otherwise known as the Gadkalika Temple and devoted to Goddess Sati in her Avanti form, is one of the fifty-one Shaktipeeth Temples. This renowned shrine lies at the base of Bhairav Hill near Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh along Shipra River. It is believed that it was here where a piece of goddess’ upper lip had fallen; thus making it an even more sacred place for many devotees. Ujjain, also referred to as ‘Sapta-puri’, stands among the seven holy cities around India.

The architecture of the Bhairav Parvat Shakti Peeth Temple is an awe-inspiring sight to behold: a variety of hues in stone have been used for its construction, and each roof and wall boast intricate carved designs. Moreover, Devi Avanti’s figure has always graced with a resplendent red sari — this colour being held sacred by married Indian women.

If you are looking for a unique spiritual journey, then the Bhairav Parvat Shakti Peeth is your ideal destination. This particular temple was once where Lord Krishna, Balaram and Sudama received their education from sage Rishi Sandipani. Of the 51 Shakti Peetas around the globe, four of them are considered Adi Shaktipeeths and eighteen as Maha Shakti Peethas – making this an immensely important location in India. To make sure that your trip to Ujjain Madhya Pradesh is comfortable and hassle-free , book our Tour Package to Bhairav Parvat today!

The Shakti Peethas are sacred sites to the Mother Goddess, and it was said that Lord Brahma conducted a special ritual in order to honor her. The ritual resulted in the divine emergence of Shakti, who then helped Brahma create the universe. Yet, feeling obligated to return her back to Shiva – the god she had split from during this ceremony – Daksha performed various rituals with hopes of obtaining Sati as his daughter. However when Daksha discovered that Sati had married Shiva he refused him entry into his yagna; yet still at Sati’s request, Shiva granted leave for her- thus allowing her one final visit with her father before returning home once more by his side. Daksha’s disdain towards Shiva was more than Sati could bear, so she chose to take her own life. An enraged and inconsolable Shiva took form as Veerabhadra, wreaking havoc on Daksha’s yagna and punishing him for his insolence. In sheer agony of losing the love of his life, Lord Shiva trudged across Aryavartha with Sati in tow; his sorrowful rage manifesting itself into a frenzied dance – The Tandav. Lord Vishu, with the aim of stopping the Tandav, used his Sudarshana Chakra, which cut through the Sati’s corpse. The parts of Sati body fell at varroas spots all through the Indian and neighboring country and these Sacred sites came to be called Shakti Peethas .

By Road
From public transport to private cars, there are several options available for reaching the Bhairav Parvat Temple in Ujjain Madhya Pradesh.

By Train
Those searching for the nearest railway station will find Ujjain Station located nearby.

By Air
The closest airport to you is Indor Airport.

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