Sharda Peeth

Sharda Peeth
Sharda Peeth

The Maihar Mata Temple is situated atop the Trikut hill in Mahar City, Madhya Pradesh. This holy site is dedicated to the revered mother goddess Sharda — according to legend, this Shaktipeeth was blessed by Sati’s necklace falling here. Many who visit this temple perched upon a mountain peak find their wishes granted; it could be your turn too!

The Sharda Temple Maihar is a renowned Hindu temple located in North India. It is affectionately known as Sharda Devi, and the locals refer to it lovingly as Maihar Devi or Maa Sharda Mandir, Maihar Mata Mandir, Maihar Devi Mandir or even simply “Maihar ki Sharda Mata”. This venerated house of worship has touched countless lives throughout its storied history.

India is known for its numerous holy sites devoted to the pantheon of Hindu gods and goddesses, providing a much-needed sanctuary from our stressful lives. People take pilgrimages such as Maihar in Madhya Pradesh with the goal of seeking refuge beneath divine protection – allowing them to find peace amidst the turbulence of life.

The divine city of Maihar, located in Satna district, is well-known for being a pilgrimage site dedicated to the Goddess Shakti or Sharda Devi. Despite having 1063 stairs leading up to Trikut Hills where pilgrims can find sculptures of both Lord Narsingh and Sharda Devi, nothing stops eager worshippers from completing this tiring journey. For those who are physically unable or running short on time during their vacation however there’s another option: ropeways were developed back in 2009 as an alternative mode of transportation that allows devotees access straight away!

The storied past of Maihar is a tribute to the valiant Bundelkhandi Rajputs, most notably Alha and Udal – devotees of Sharda Mai. Legend has it that due to his unflinching faith in Goddess Sharda, Alha was granted immortality after 12 years of worship culminating with him offering up his head as sacrifice. The Goddess immediately restored life back into Alha’s body thereafter. Today an attraction unique unto itself stands nearby; ‘Alha Pond’ located behind the temple downhill serves as a reminder for generations yet to come about this warrior king whose devotion continues to amaze us all!

The temple’s origin story centers around the divine union between Devi Sati and Lord Shiva, which was met with disdain from the Goddess’ father Daksha. To punish them for their marriage, he planned a grand Yagya but made sure to not invite Lord Shiva in order to humiliate him. This resulted in deep hurt that led Devi Sati to take her own life and upon hearing of it, an enraged Lord Shiva wreaked havoc on all creation as he carried his beloved’s dead body on his back. To stop Him, Lord Vishnu cut the body into 52 pieces that fell at different parts of India where 52 Shakti Peethas (shrines) could now be found. Maihar is one of those 52 shrines where necklace (known as ‘har’ in Hindi) of the Goddess (‘Mai’= mother) fell. Sharda is just another of Her many names.

By Air
Jabalpur (160 km) and Khajuraho (140 km) airports are conveniently located for a direct flight to the city. After arriving, travelers just need to take a short journey via train, bus or car in order to reach their destination.

By Rail
The Maihar Railway Station, which is part of the West Central Railways , facilitates a myriad of cities from both Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. Yet, Jabalpur Railway Station serves as its bustling epicenter – especially during Navratras when it swells with crowds!

By Road
Most of the cities are connected to Maihar with bus like Kanpur, Lucknow, Bhopal, Indore, Mumbai, etc.

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