Bhadrakali Shakti Peeth

Bhadrakali Shakti Peeth
Bhadrakali Shakti Peeth

The Shri Devikoop Bhadra Kali Shakti Temple, a sacred temple dedicated to the Goddess Bhadra Kali and one of 51 Shakti Peeths in India, is located at Kurukshetra Junction near the lake by Dwaipayan’s side. Also known as Savitri Peeth, Devi Peeth, Kalika Peeth or Aadi Peeth , this sacred site contains idols of Devi’s right ankle which fell here upon her descent from Heaven. It has become an important pilgrimage destination for devotees all over India and even beyond its borders.

The temple is entirely devoted to Devi Kali, one of the nine forms of Goddess Durga. As you enter the temple, a gigantic white marble lotus sculpture greets you with an impression of Sati’s left leg. According to legend, it was here that Pandavas sought blessings from Shri Krishna and Maharani Durga before their battle against Kauravas in Mahabharata. After conquering their enemies in war, they donated horses as offerings at this very shrine; and this tradition has been followed ever since then. It is also said that Lord Krishna and Balrama had their mundan( bald head) ceremony here so devotees come here for the same for their children.

Celebrate all the festivals at this sacred temple, where Durga Puja and Navratra celebrations are the main attraction. During these days, devotees flock to this place for peace of mind and soul; a setting beautifully illuminated with lights and fragrant flowers. Additionally, there are fifty-one Shakti Peetas across the world— four considered Adi Shaktipeeths while eighteen deemed Maha Shakti Peethas.

It is said that the Pandavas, with Lord Krishna leading them in reverence, visited this temple to offer their respects and receive a blessing for triumph from Goddess Durga during the Mahabharata period. After succeeding at war, they returned to express their gratitude by gifting horses – beginning a ritual of providing equines which still continues today.

The best time to visit the Devikupa Bhadrakali Temple is September to March in winter as weather is really cool, cozy & pleasant. Do avoid visiting in Summers because the temperature of Kurukshetra in summers is very hot and humid.

To please Shakti and Shiva, Lord Brahma conducted a yajna. As a result of this ritual, Goddess Shakti emerged from Shiva’s being and aided in the creation of the universe. To reunite her with Shiva, Daksha–Brahma’s son–performed multiple yajnas to be blessed with Sati as his daughter. Despite her wish to attend her father’s Yagna ceremony alongside Shiva, Daksha refused to admit him into the event; however, after much persistence on Sati part he acquiesced allowing for them both to join. Daksha’s spiteful words towards Shiva caused Sati to set herself ablaze. Overcome with anger and grief, Shiva manifested himself as the fearsome Veerabhadra and brought down destruction upon Daksha’s yagna. With Sati in his arms, Lord Shiva mournfully wandered across Aryavartha while performing an awe-inspiring dance of destruction known as Tandav. Lord Vishu, with the aim of stopping the Tandav, used his Sudarshana Chakra, which cut through the Sati’s corpse. The parts of Sati body fell at varroas spots all through the Indian and neighboring country and these Sacred sites came to be called Shakti Peethas .

By Air
Indira Gandhi International Airport is the nearest airport to reach the temple as it is only 160kms away from the temple. Buses and taxis are highly available on Airport to reach you to the temple.

By Rail
Kurukshetra Junction railway station is the closest station, even temple is only 2-3 km away from the railway junction. You can hire any public transport like rickshaw, taxi, and bus to reach the temple.

By Road
Roads are well connected to the major cities of the country. So one can even go by their own transport to reach the temple. Taxi and Bus services are always accessible from various cities of the nation. The distance from Delhi to reach the temple is 160 km, from Karnal 40 km, and 42 km from Ambala.

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