Bhabanipur shakti peeth

Bhabanipur shakti peeth
Bhabanipur shakti peeth

The Aparna Devi Temple, a shrine devoted to the divine Goddess Aparna, is one of fifty-one Shakti Peetas found in Bangladesh. Perched on the banks of Karotoa lies Kartoyagat Shaktipeeth where it is said that Devi’s left seat or her clothing fell from above. Within this temple are idols depicting Devi as Aparna and Shiva as Bhairava for people to pay their respects and reverence.

Bhabanipur Shaktipeeth, a four-acre temple complex situated in the Rajshahi Division of Bangladesh at 28 kilometres away from Sherpur town, consists of the Main Temple and other shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva along with a Patal Bhairav shrine devoted to Vaman. Moreover, it boasts an impressive array of sacred spaces such as Belbaran Tala, famous Shakha Pukur, Sevangan , Gopal temple , Vasudev Temple and Nat Mandir – topped off by an exquisite Panchamunda Asana idol on its northern end!

Once Sati had set herself aflame, Shiva’s furious dance of destruction began ravaging the universe. In response to this chaos, Lord Vishnu flung his Sudarshan Chakra towards her charred remains. Consequently, parts of Sati’s body scattered around the Indian subcontinent as reminders of her noble sacrifice.

It is said that Sati’s left anklet fell in Bhabanipur, however there are a few accounts which state it was her right eye or the ribs on the left side of her chest. This sacred location has been an essential pilgrimage site for Hindus from many sects since its recognition as one of 51 Shakti Peetas, four being Adi and eighteen being Maha Sakthipeethas. Now you can book your tour package to Aparna Devi Temple Bhavanipur Bangladesh!

The Shakti Peethas are sacred sites where the Goddess is worshipped. At one point, Lord Brahma conducted a yajna to honor Shiva and his divine counterpart Shakti; immediately after which she became separated from him and aided in creating the universe. Thus, Brahma returned her back to Shiva, who then granted permission for Daksha’s plea of having her as his daughter Sati through more rituals and ceremonies. However, upon learning that Sati was married to Lord Shiva without his knowledge or consent – yet still accepting it unwillingly – he disinvited them both from attending an important sacrifice ceremony he held at a later date; however against all odds sati managed to convince him into letting her visit nevertheless. Daksha’s critical words towards Shiva caused Sati to self-immolate. Seething with rage, Shiva assumed his wrathful form of Veerabhadra and destroyed the yagna before slaying Daksha. In despair, Lord Shiva cradled Sati in his arms as he traversed Aryavartha– a display of grief that ultimately manifested into an unfathomable dance of destruction known as the Tandav. Lord Vishu, with the aim of stopping the Tandav, used his Sudarshana Chakra, which cut through the Sati’s corpse. The parts of Sati body fell at varroas spots all through the Indian and neighboring country and these Sacred sites came to be called Shakti Peethas .

By Road
The roadway is the most utilized and convenient way to access Bhabanipur Temple. To get there, start at Dhaka and travel via Jamuna Bridge to Chandaikona in Sirajganj district; then make your way over Ghoga Bat Tala Bus Stand on the Bogra-Dhaka Highway where you can avail of a van or scooter for final transport. For those originating from districts north of Bogra, take Sherpur, Mirzapur roads until reaching Ghoga Bat Tala Bus Stand in Bogra District before making your last journey onwards.

By Railway
The closest railway station to the temple is ‘Santahar’, located a total of 77.2 kilometers away from its grounds.

By Air
If you’re looking to bask in the divine presence of Ma Aparna, then Bogra Airport is a mere 60 km away and can take you directly to the temple’s doorstep. From there, local transportation services are available for those seeking passage from Sherpur–a distance of only 30km.

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